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Quick Coupler Application Video

We, at NCM-SHOAVA Engineers Pvt Ltd are immensely proud to have designed, manufactured, and validated the NCM Quick Coupler in India. We developed the NCM Quick Coupler most suitable for the Indian conditions and have tested extensively for variety of general and specific applications like.

1. Trenching/Pipeline projects.
2. Foundations and footings.
3. Quarrying operations.
4. Road Projects.

NCM Quick Coupler is developed
1. With extra safety mechanism.
2. To Increase the versatility of the earth movers.
3. To Increase the efficiency of Man and Machine.

With the Earthmoving Industry Growing Fast in India, it has become necessary to upgrade the machines to achieve versatility and to the complete projects in stipulated time frame. Gone are the days when Excavator was used only for excavation application with a bucket. It is very common nowadays that one Excavator has two or more attachments like Bucket, Rock Breaker, Combi-cutter, Shear, Grapple, Concrete Cruncher Etc. NCM Quick Couplers are designed to facilitate changeover of attachments on Excavators. The coupler is actuated hydraulically with a Cylinder and it is possible to detach an existing attachment and couple another by the operator seated in the Cabin.

  • . With extra safety mechanism.
  • . Increasing versatility of the earth movers.
  • . Increasing efficiency of Man and Machine.

Quick Coupler Feature and Benefits :

  • 1. Change over time reduced From 45 minutes to 45 seconds
  • 2. Reduced Damages To The Pins and Bushes.
  • 3. Reduced Efforts For The Operator and helper.
  • 4. Increased versatility of the Equipment.
  • 5. Adds safety on pin.

Technical Specification    NQC-020-Series

  • Over All Dimension                870*557*550      
  • Operating Pressure               210 Bar              
  • Operating Weight                 377 Kg                
  • Oil Flow                                 10-20 Ipm           
  • Range                                   450-490 mm       
  • Clamping Force                    1020 Kgf             
  • Pin Dia                                  80 mm                
  • Suitable Machine                  20 – 25 Tons

Q.1 What benefit will I get by installing a Hydraulic Quick coupler?

A.1 Changeover time between breaker to bucket or vice versa is reduced from 45 minutes to 45 seconds.

Q.2 Will the use of Hydraulic Quick coupler increases the diesel consumption of my excavator?

A.2. No

Q.3.Will the use of Hydraulic Quick coupler reduces the weight carrying capacity of bucket or obstruct the movement of the bucket?

A.3. No, it does not reduce the weight carrying capacity of the bucket. NCM Quick couplers are specially designed to accommodate full movement of bucket (OEM makes only).

Q.4.Will the use of Hydraulic Quick coupler topples or brings instability to the excavator?

A.4. No it will not affect the stability of the machine. As the NCM Quick coupler are designed not to disturb the centre of gravity of machine.

Q.5.Is change of attachment completely automatic or some manual operation is required?

A.5. The Patent pending NCM Quick couplers are semi automatic. The operation of changing attachment is fully automatic. But the safety lock pin operation has to be done manually.

Q.6 How safe is the Hydraulic Quick coupler? Can the Rock breaker blows or heavy weight in bucket cause slippage of the breaker or Bucket?

A.6. NCM Hydraulic Quick couplers are designed with dual safety arrangements. A. Pilot check valve in cylinder B. Mechanical safety lock pin.

Q.7 Can we interchange the Hydraulic Quick coupler between two or more excavators?

A.7. If the excavators are of same model and make then yes. Else it needs to be checked with NCM service engineer for the compatibility.