NCM Team

Mr. N. C. Mujumdar

  • .  Aged 61 yrs, is the Chairman & Managing Director of the company.
  • .  A Mechanical Engineer from University of Pune in 1969.
  • . Started as a civilian in Armament Research & Development Establishment, Pune with 10 years experience in    production of escape aid devices for the Indian Air Force. 14 years experience in executing projects for thermal power    plants, effluent treatment plants, chemical plants, distilleries, and crushing and screening plants.
  • .  Combining the technical skills and management acumen gave wings to his vision by promoting the company in 1991.

Mrs. P N Mujumdar

  • .  Aged 59 yrs, is the Director of Finance and Administration.
  • .  A Commerce graduate from University Pune, has acquired 10 years experience in Cummins Diesel Sales & Service.     Shouldered the responsibility of managing Finance and Accounts for Mr N.C.Mujundar project works for 15 years.
  • .  Combining the experience and management skills became co-founder of the company in 1991.

Mr. Neeraj Mujumdar

  • .  Aged 32 yrs, he is the CEO, NCM-Exports - 100% EOU of the group
  • .  B.E. (Mechanical) from University of Pune in 2001.
  • . Started as Project Manager in NCM-Shoava Engineers Pvt.Ltd . Developed and commercialized Hydraulic Rock     Breaker and various attachments for earthmoving equipments for the first time in India.
  • .  Founder of NCM Exports, a 100% Export Oriented Unit of the group manufacturing Hydraulic Rock Breaker.

Mr. P.G. Pendse

  • .  Aged 60 yrs, He is the Technical Director of the company.
  • .  B.E. (Mechanical) from Indore University in 1972, MBA(Production) from Bhopal University in 1988.
  • .  Started as a Trainee Engineer in Tools and Gauge Design Division in BHEL, Bhopal in 1975. Member of Indian
        Institute of Metals.
  • . 13 yrs of experience in Tool Designing and 14 yrs of experience in complete management of Design, Development,    PPC, Quality Control

Mr. Narendra Mujumdar

  • .  Aged 54 yrs, He is the Senior Vice President.
  • .  A commerce graduate from University of Pune in 1978.
  • . Started as accounts Personnel in nationalized bank. Has over 25 Yrs of experience in administration and finance    management.