Vertical Shaft Impactor   

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V S I Application Video

20th Century "Reduction Technology" for sand manufacture involved the use of hammer mills and Roll Crushers. In hammer Mills, proper gradation is not possible and with roll crushers uniformity of the product cannot be maintained.

F M and GRADING are two important aspects for selection of aggregates which are also responsible for characteristics of fresh & hardened concrete. In spite of desired FM of sand, the net outcome of concrete may still not be satisfactory, if the sand is not well graded. Properly graded material will form less voids in the mix resulting in high density and leading to higher strength of the mix.

Ours is the 21st century "VERTICAL SHAFT IMPACTOR" presented in the form of a series of sand manufacturing machines. With our VSI, since there is a control over particle size, uniformity & flakiness index, it yields proper and desired grading.

Not only that it overcomes the drawbacks of hammer mills and roll crushers but it has achieved perfection after conducting long trials with raw materials available in India and is best suited to Indian conditions.

  • . Well graded sand.
  • . Control over particle size.
  • . Converts grit to graded sand.

VSI- 615 (10 TPH)     VSI- 800 (20 TPH)    VSI- 1000 (30 TPH)         

Vertical Shaft Impactor Special Features :

  • 1. Well graded sand.
  • 2. Control over particle size.
  • 3. Rock on Rock crushing, hence minimum wear and tear.
  • 4. Converts grit to graded sand.
  • 5. Slit free sand.

COMPARATIVE COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH ( Based on 28 days, M 150, Concrete Cubes )
( Laboratory Test Results )
Natural Sand 228 Kg/
VSI-Crushed Sand 248 Kg/

Sr.No Description VSI – 615 VSI – 615(S) VSI – 800 VSI – 1000
1 Max Feed Size (-) 10 MM (-) 12 MM (-) 12 MM (-) 15 MM
2 Rotor Dia 600 MM 600 MM 800 MM 1000 MM
3 RPM 2100 2100 1545 1275
4 Rotor Speed 66 M/Sec 66 M/Sec 65 M/Sec 67 M/Sec
5 Electric Motor 30 KW 45 KW 55 KW 110 KW (55 kw * 2)
6 Throughput Capacity 30 TPH 40 TPH 40 TPH 50 TPH
7 Weight of the Machine 3626 KGS 3700 KGS 6000 KGS 11400 KGS
8 Output Capacity (Sand Only) 10 TPH 12 TPH 20 TPH 30 TPH
Q.1 What is the difference in strength of natural sand and artificial sand?

A.1. Artificial sand is 10 % stronger than natural sand because it is screened and well graded.

Q.2 Is artificial sand acceptable to government authorities?

A.2. Yes, in fact artificial sand is recommended as a good alternative to natural sand. Excessive mining of natural sand has been causing environmental disorders and natural sand mining is being gradually banned state wise.

Q.3.Has artificial sand been incorporated in Indian standard specifications ?

A.3. Yes , the standard is IS 383 for fine aggregates.

Q.4.What is the range of VSI machines offered by NCM Shoava Engineers Pvt Ltd?

A.4. We manufacture the following range of VSI machines.

Sr.No VSI Machine Production Tons per Hour Production Brass per Hour
1 VSI – 615 10 2.25
2 VSI – 615(S) 12 2.75
3 VSI - 800 20 5.00
4 VSI - 1000 30 5.75 – 6.75

Q.5.What is the power consumption for the VSI machines ?


Sr.No VSI Machine Power Consumption kW unit Power Consumption HP unit
1 VSI – 615 30 40
2 VSI – 615(S) 45 60
3 VSI - 800 55 74
4 VSI - 1000 110 147

Q.6 What is the correct feed size for the VSI machines?


Sr.No VSI Machine Max Feed Size
1 VSI – 615 0 – 10 MM
2 VSI – 615(S) 0 – 12 MM
3 VSI - 800 0 – 15 MM
4 VSI - 1000 0 – 15 MM

These VSI models are only for production of artificial sand. These should not be used for creating cubical or flaking material.

Q.7. What will be my conversion cost per brass ?

A.7. Refer the VSI calculator.

Q.8. Are these VSI machines grease lubricated or oil lubricated?

A.8. These are grease lubricated machines.

Q.9 What is the availability of service engineers?

A.9. Service Engineers will report on site within 48 hrs anywhere in India.

Q.10. What is the approximate cost of spares per ton of crushing?

A.10. Rs 5 per ton.

Q.11. When should the greasing be done?

A.11. Greasing should be done
          1. During recess time at Lunch/dinner.
          2. Immediately after the shutdown.

Q.12. What is the delivery time schedule ?

A.12. 4-6 weeks from the date of confirmed order with advance.

Q.13. Which motor and starter should be used for these VSI machines?

A.13. Any motor of correct capacity and standard make can be used. We recommend ABB or Crompton motors. Any            Starter of correct capacity and standard make can be used. We recommend VFD(Variable Frequency Drive)

Q.14. What maintenance procedures should be followed?

A.14. Our installation team will coach and brief you on all required mainatinace procedures to be followed for better output and long life of the VSI machines.

Q.15. How is the availability and delivery of spares?

A.15. We are the OEM's for VSI machines and we always have stock of regular consumable spares ready to be delivered on order.

Q.15. What is the cost of the VSI machines and what are the payment terms?

A.15. Details of the same will be provided in the quotation.